About us

School history

After crack down by military regime, on people demand peacefully, to change from Military dictatorship to parliamentary democratic administration, in Burma in 1988, Hundreds of thousands of innocent peaceful demonstrators were killed and wounded, by BSPP, military, regime’s troops. The activists, from all walks of the life, left from Burma to neighboring nations such as Thailand, India and China, Among them, the experienced educators from Burma, established a mobile middle school with 160 students including 15 boarding orphans from various ethnic back grounds, in the dense jungle, regarding to internally Displaced peoples (IDP), from 1993 to early 1999. Due to ethnic cleansing and scorched – earth policy on the IDPs by military regime’s troops.

This being the case, this school, was moved from Thai – Burma border area into Thailand, located on Mae Pa village Mae Sot, Tak province, in late 1999, with the assistance from open society institute (OSI). Our school was upgraded from secondary to high level in 2001. After 2003, OSI stopped their supports to migrant schools in Thailand, since then, our school has being survived, with the individuals’ donation, facing various difficulties and hardships. 

2. Current situation

Due to the worst situation of military – ruled Burma, politically, economically and socially, year after year, a large number of children including orphans have been increasing more than last years, so there are 21 teachers including 80 boarding orphans, from Nursery to TOEFL and GED classes in our school in 2009-2010 academic years. According to our tradition, we should not ask to carry out very heavy bardon for one donor, so we propose a small amount to individual, not to stop our educational struggle for our Unfortunate children from military oppression Burma. Because of totalitarianism of Burma, we have been depending on international donors’ aids, so please continue your humanitarian aids as possible as you can, not to stop our educational struggle. 

3. Objectives and goals

  1. To provide educational needs for our majority unfortunate children who can’t be able to attend school in Burma.
  2. To provide a home for the students whose parents are unable to do so,
  3. To develop students academically, socially and morally in an enjoyable learning environment free from discrimination against, ethnicities and religions;
  4. To empower students to make them aware of human rights and to encourage them to become involvement in their community and contribution to the future of their Country;
  5. To enable students to become self – sufficient and learn to help provide for themselves and their families;
  6. To provide not only education but also food shelter, clothing, for boarders, especially orphans.
  7. To prepare student for university entrance exams in subject areas including English, Social studies, mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Thai, Burmese and Computer, etc.


4. Outstanding students from BHSOH

–         Ma Win May has graduated Master Degree in U.S.A

–         Nam Aye Thwe and Saw Htoo graduated B.A

         (Community anagement), Rangsit University, Thailand

–         Jue Jue is studying B.A at Atlantic College, UK

–         Sein Larn is studying B.A (Community Management)

           at Rangsit University, Thailand.

–         Maran Htwe Khaing is studying M.A degree at Indiana University, U.S.A

–         Aungar Loung is studying M.A degree at Indiana University, U.S.A

–         Ko Phyo and Nan Dar Oo graduated Diploma for English Immersion

          Programmer at Umpium Mai Refugee camp, Thailand

–         Bo Phyu graduated Diploma for Special English Program at Umpium Mai

          refugee camp, Thailand

–         Yan Naing Nyein has passed Special English Program in this school year,

          he is studying English Immersion Program,Umpium Mai refugee camp,


  –      Ojana is studying All Ethnic International Open University at Chiang

          Mai University, Thailand

  –      Naing Aung Yoke Kha is studying 1st, year Intensive College Foundation

         course in Chiang Mai, Thailand

–         May Dar Li Maung, Special English Program, Umpium Mai Refugee camp,


–         Nam Aye Mya has graduated English Immersion Program, Umpium Mai

           Refugee camp, Thailand

–         Ko Phyo has passed TOEFL, Thailand now he is waiting to study U.S.A

–         Robbin is studing Engineering in U.S.A

–         Su Htet Lwin graduates environment subjects for Mae Khong River project.

–         Davi Chan has passed Special English Programme in level two, and she

          will be studying level one.

–         Saw Co Co, English Immersion Programme, Umpium Mai Refugee camp,


–         Naw Shar Paw, wide Horizon programme, world Education consortium,


–         Nwe Nwe Lwin is waiting to study Hong Kong University.

5. Organizational Details

–         Location of school  ; Mae Pa village, Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand

–         Level of classes      ; Primary, Secondary and High

–         School Days            ; Mondays – Fridays

–         School holidays        ; Saturdays, Sundays and Gazetted holidays.

–         Summer School holidays               : April and May

         Number of students and classes     :

150 in primary level classes,

100 in Secondary level classes and

100 in High level classes

         Age Group                                  5-23 years old


Karen 79%
Burmese   8%
Arakanese   2%
Mon   5%
Pa-O   2%
Lahu   1%
Kachin   1%
Chin   1%
Shan   1%


        Religious group         

Christian 40%
Buddhist  55%
Islam     5%

   This is harmony for future federal Democratic Burma, based on equal rights for all.

6. Organizational Structure  

No Name Gen-der Age Qualification Position
1 Khaing Oo Maung M 68 M.A (E.1itt) and C.M III Director
2 Htay Hlaing M 55 B.Sc (Chemistry) Headmaster
3 Than Naing M 34 B.Sc (Botany) Senior teacher
4 Khaing Mrat Naing M 39 B.Sc (Chemistry) Senior teacher
5 Thaung Nyunt M 43 B.Sc (Physics) Senior teacher
6 Daw San Kyi F 66 B.Ed and Diploma in English Secondary teacher
7 Han Sein Lwin M 65 M.A (Burmese) Secondary teacher
8 Kyi Pyar F 37 B.Sc (Maths) Secondary teacher
9 Ko Hsay Nar F 25 2nd, yr (B.Eco) Secondary teacher
10 Sandar Moe F 38 B.A (Burmese) Secondary teacher
11 Khin Khin Htwa F 28 B.Sc (Maths) Secondary teacher
12 Zin De M 39 Grade 12 passed Thai teacher
13 Gay Hsay Htoo F 31 B.A (Theology) Primary teacher
14 Hnin Wai Lwin F 26 B.A (Burmese) Primary teacher
15 Mran Yaw La M 30 Grade Ten passed Primary teacher
16 Mya Maung M 42 Grade Ten passed Primary teacher
17 Than Than Win F 33 Grade Ten passed Primary teacher
18 Si Si Htwe F 26 Grade Ten passed Primary teacher
19 Chit Way Phoo Hlaing F 23 B.Sc (Computer science) Computer trainer
20 La San M 23 Grade Ten passed Arts teacher
21 Mya Kywe F 47 Grade Ten Boarder Master


7. Advisory Board

  1. Saw Paw Doh
  2. U Chit
  3. Khaing Oo Maung


8.      Executive Committee of parents Teacher Association

No Name Position
1 U Chit   Chair person
2 Zaw Moe Hlaing   Secretary
3 Naw Gay Hsay Htoo Treasurer
4 Thein Htun Aung Accountant
5 Naw Khin Myint Member
6 Mi soe Pai  Member
7 U Ye  Member


 9.      Students Union

No Name Position
1 Salai Jobson Chair person
2 Aung Zaw Myo Secretary
3 Ma The Ri Member
4 Cho New Soe Member
5 Thu Zar Win Member
6 Aye Win Maw           Member
7 Cho Cho Win  Member


10.  Subjects taught in Primary level classes

English Major
Mathematic Major
Burmese Minor
Karen Minor 
Thai Minor 
Basic Science Minor 
Basic Geography Minor 
Primary Health Minor
Painting Minor


11.  Subjects taught in Grade Five Eight

English Major
Mathematic Major
Burmese Minor
Karen Minor
Thai Minor
World History Minor
Life and Physical Science Minor
Geography Minor
French Minor
Painting Minor
Computer Minor


12.  Subjects taught in Grade Nine, Ten and GED class

English Major
Mathematic(Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry ) Major
Social Study Major
Physics Minor
Thai Minor
Bio Minor
Life and Physical Science Minor
Chemistry Minor
French Minor
Painting Minor
Computer Minor

13. Acknowledgement

          There are 20 teachers land 1 Boarder Master. Among them, 18 teachers are supported by Help without Frontiers ” Info@helpwithoutfrontiers.org“, but 2 new teachers 1 boarder master can’t be provided, because of various difficulties, so they have been carrying out, lack of salaries, since 1st, June up to now, but it is impossible to continue the remaining ten month (September – June), as a result, please donate these three staff, basing on humanitarian ground.

Very truly yours,

Khaing Oo Maung


(On behalf of the school management committee)

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